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If you are pressed on time and want to enhance your looks try to experiment with different top wear. Here in this post, we are giving you a few options of different types of tops that you can add to your wardrobe. So, keep reading.

CROP TOP: We will begin with the popular style which is the talk of the town i.e. crop top. If you are comfortable showing your beautiful and well-carved waist and belly this is the top for you! It is available in so many lovely colors on Rajkumari that you won’t be able to pick just one. It is loved by one and all. You can pair it with any bottom wear viz. Skirts, Jeans, Palazzo, etc.

RUFFLED TOP:Ruffle pattern is a rage these days. This pattern is again much loved by women of all age groups. As the name suggests these tops have ruffles all over or on the front and arms. Designers keep experimenting with such tops and you will notice that this pattern has slowly become the talk of the town. You must have a ruffled top in your collection that will look beautiful with skirts, palazzo, and many other types of bottom wear.  So, add the charm of ruffles to your look and grab designer ruffled women’s tops online now.

PEPLUM TOP: Peplum tops are flared around the stomach line. It helps conceal the bulge and therefore look good on many women, particularly the ones having apple and pear-shaped bodies. You can wear it as a casual outfit while hanging out with friends. Peplum tops look stunning with pencil skirts, straight pants, trousers, etc.  

OFF-SHOULDER TOP: Off-shoulder tops have taken the fashion world by storm! They are evergreen and will not go out of fashion anytime soon. You can wear this top with straight pants, flared skirts, jeans and many other types of top wear. They are the most appropriate picks for summers.

WRAP TOP: Wrap tops look stylish, elegant and are high-on-comfort. You can wear them with skirts, flared pants, etc. To make the most of this style wear statement earrings and carry a nice handbag to complete the look.

  • KAFTANTOP: Kaftan Tops are comfortable tops that are baggy and flowy. If you aren’t a great fan of skin-hugging clothes then Kaftans will be your best bet. Wear them with leggings, jeggings and slim fitted denim. You can wear them as casual wear or beachwear also.
  • HALTER TOP: Halter tops are tied around the neck. They are a good option if you are looking for something chic. Wear them to evening parties, beaches or on a casual day out with friends. It is the perfect party wear that will highlight your slim shoulders and toned arms. You can wear it with wide flared pants, flowy tiered skirts, etc. 

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